The Green Dinosaur

See the green dinosaur who doesn’t seem to belong in the herd? But, he is the proudest! Because he was hatched by the tiny human.

The stegosaurus was store-bought as an egg; see how he was cracked out of its egg. The tiny human tells the story:

Young children are a testament to the mind's awesome ability to absorb. Children between the ages of 18 months and 2.11 years are like sponges, absorbing endless amounts of knowledge from their environment.

Retention comes with interest. Adopting the ‘interest-based learning ‘ pedagogy to teach is a sure win. Engaging a toddler in the process of ‘egg-hatching’ is a good learning experience. (Though real eggs aren’t submerged in water to hatch, it is the ‘following directions’ that is tapped here)

The first step to teach your toddler to listen and follow directions is to:

🦕Be direct.

🦕Use clear and specific words.

🦕Give age-appropriate instructions to follow.

🦕Keep explanations simple.

🦕Give toddlers the time to process.

🦕Let toddlers repeat the process.

Pausing and having toddlers repeat important words and works appear to help them retain learning better.

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