Teaching 3-Year Olds

I have been asked: How to Deal with a 3 year old. (Oh! I have my own who is currently swinging, hanging, & rolling 🤪) Getting your 3-year-old to behave can be a challenge. The trick is consistency and learning to pick your battles.

Battle your 3-year-old over every bad behavior and you'll be at war all day. Instead, list the top few behaviors that really bother you -- because they're dangerous, uncivil, or annoying. Always follow through on whatever discipline you decide on. Lack of consistency confuses kids and promotes rebellion.

When your child is feeling tired, sick, or hungry or is facing stress (from a move or a new routine...), you need to be flexible.

I got my own handful... & I have found my Zen in dealing with my little acrobat. Om...🧘🏻‍♀️ 1. Stay calm. (Easier said than done, but works) 2. Listen carefully. (Utterly easy) 3. Explain your rules. (Again and again and again... mind-setting) 4. Offer choices. (Way too many. Limit up) 5. Provide alternatives. (Again, sky high, so limit up!)

Above all, the 3-year-old needs to feel love and security while learning and developing. This is a precious and magical stage of development for your little one, and you can make it easier for everyone if you know what to expect. Enjoy the journey!

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