Motherhood and Maturity

Early on in motherhood, my time and energy were primarily spent raising a tiny human. Suddenly, the things I cared about before became a distant memory and I longed for friends that I could relate to—friends who understood me.

The thought of drama or small talk became highly unappealing and suddenly I became so much more aware of the people that I let into my world. I longed for another mother I could relate to and to be able to ask “Is this normal?" without judgment. Someone who got it. Since motherhood has a way of maturing you, I think it's only natural to gravitate towards others who share in this feeling. I want to and need to connect with others who are going through similar circumstances. So I feel normal. So I feel valued and validated.

These days, my friendships are few, but they are RICH. I have real and authentic friends whose privacy I invaded by posting them in my page as a sign of appreciation. ❤️ They are my friends who I share with the world on how they have influenced my life in many wonderful different ways & how much I love them.

Here is another friend I cherish & respect from the day we met. So grounded, she is one who sends a text just to check in; She is one who gives me a break by organizing playdates; She is one who prioritizes time to be together in order to deepen our friendship & that of our toddlers. She taught me what true, authentic friendship looks like, despite our busyness as mothers.

Thank you @sabsram. It is always lovely exchanging messages with you & when we meet, we talk endlessly. No one can keep up with us. 😆Motherhood has brought us together, & I thank God everyday for you & your friendship.

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