Love Our Earth!

We wonder if animals and plants could speak, what would their wishes be for the earth as it’s their home too? .

We are the present and the future. Like us, all children have to learn & know what is truly happening to our earth. We have the right to raise our voices and to be included in decision-making processes and building a sustainable world. It is never too early or too late to learn from our adults on how to care for our planet. So many available resources on developmentally-appropriate activities that we can engage in. No better time, but now! .

We might be doing something very small in hopes of a better earth for ourselves, and all creatures, but we do know that no matter how small we try, it matters. No matter who you are, you have a talent which you can use to create a better world. Everyone has their own ways in saving our planet, and we are sure you have too. .

We love the earth, do you? ~ Dan & Thomas ❤️ .






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