Great Nannies Need Great Employers

If there is anything I’ve learned as a parent, it is that collaboration and consistency are the keys to a successful partnership in caring for my son.

Having a nanny is great; having a great nanny is excellent. Who says only heaven got angels? We have one right in our home, & Uri calls her ‘Wawa’! This appreciation post is worth my while coz Yaya Suzette deserves much more than a post.

In a nanny seminar I gave several years ago, I sent home thank you cards to parents with this note: “It takes a great nanny to raise a child. But it takes great employers to support that nanny so she can do a good job."

What makes a good relationship?

It’s important that you and your nanny understand the nature of your relationship. Lay out where the job begins, and where it ends. Nurture it to a certain degree, even if it’s just a quick verbal validation that she’s doing a great job and that she is important to your family. Coming into alignment on the parent- nanny relationship translates to a smooth and frustration-free child caring.

Uri and Yaya Suzette

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