Count Your Blessings!

Read with my 3 before his nap, & recounted the blessings we have despite the pandemic. Well, it’s easy to feel grateful when life is good. But when disaster strikes, gratitude is worth

the effort.

When times are good, people take prosperity for granted and begin to believe that they are invulnerable. In times of uncertainty, though, people realize how powerless they are to control their own destiny. If you begin to see that everything you have, everything you have counted on, may be taken away, it becomes much harder to take it for granted.

Crisis can make us more grateful—but research says gratitude also helps us cope with crisis. Consciously cultivating an attitude of gratitude builds up a sort of psychological immune system that can cushion us when we fall.

Do you realize your current life situation is not as bad as it could be? Try to realize and appreciate just how much better your life is.

If you are troubled by an unpleasant experience, you might consider trying to reframe how you think about it using the language of thankfulness.

This is an advantage that grateful people have—and it is a skill that anyone can learn. Be grateful! Count your blessings.

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