A Study on the Family Tree

While doing the worksheet, Uri asked: “Mama. Are all grandmas old?” “Will you be old too?” Me: Yes Uri. Everyone gets old. It is inevitable.

Empathy emerges naturally and quite early, which means our children are born with a huge built-in advantage for soundness and happiness. But although children are born with the capacity for empathy, it must be nurtured and it takes commitment and relentless, deliberate action everyday and can’t be left to chance.

Children, as young as two, and certainly three exhibit empathy in recognizable ways. For example, they might see their dad with jelly on his face, and wipe it off, or lay their blanket on a resting mom. ❤️

Sound off ALARM: Empathy can be unlearned. In fact, more than any other inborn quality, empathy is the easiest to lose, so cling to consistency in the nurturing department, & you will be safe.

Nurturing our children will help us raise what we all hope for: GOOD PEOPLE WITH STRONG MINDS and CARING HEARTS.

How about you? How do you raise empathetic children?

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