Does your child have to be
THE BEST at everything?


A book for PARENTS & CHILDREN on overvaluing, empathy & care for others.

This book will help your child:

For the kids:

Explore how to reach out to others in words and actions

Learn how to build relationships by helping others feel good about themselves

Know that it's okay not to be the best at everything 

Author's Blog

For the Parents:

For Parents:


Know the effects of overvaluing your children

Develop empathy on your children

Encourage them to do their best


"There's a very thin line between building children's confidence and overvaluing them. This book is a great learning tool for our children, as well as for us, parents. My boys and I enjoyed reading it!"

Teacher Celine, Mommy Blogger

Author, Dr. Ina Balani with her husband, Raaj and son, Uri. 

"Encourage your children to do their best, and assure them that is completely alright if they are not the greatest in a certain task. Your children have their own talents & abilities that they excel in; emphasize on these."
- Ina Balani, Ed.D

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